Treasure Hunt 23/12/07

fake silver vintage christmas tree outside on dead grass on sunny day

Dear Donna,

We dug this out of my parents’ estate attic. It’s all complete but no papers or box. We are looking for a value, if any. Can you help? Thanks.


Dear Andrew,

Your aluminum mid-century tree appears to be in good shape. I grew up with one in my family!

There are a few different makers, styles and colors in aluminum trees. The value is higher if you have a complete one with the original box. We used to have ours in a big bag so my mom didn’t have to reset it every year!

It was a treasure to find, though, Andrew. Values are in the range of $200 and up. You can also find electric color wheels for them. The value on them in working condition is in the $40 range and up.

So no matter what you’re going to do with your tree, keep or sell, it’s a treasure. Hope this was helpful and thanks for sharing with us. It’s a memory for me and lots of others I’m sure.

Author: Donna Welch

Donna Welch has spent more than 30 years in the antiques and collectibles field, appraising and instructing, and recently closed the physical location of From Out Of The Woods Antique Center ( but is still doing some buying and selling. She is a member of The New Hampshire Antiques Dealer Association. If you have questions about an antique or collectible send a clear photo and information to Donna at, or call her at 391-6550 or 624-8668.

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