Treasure Hunt 24/01/18

Dear Donna,

Can you help figure out what this register is from? It says W.C.F.I. on the side. Inside it’s all empty pages, lined. It’s 17” x 12” and extremely heavy. Any information would be appreciated.


Dear Alex,

Your heavy register book is from the early 1900’s. WCFI stands for the Williamsburg City Fire Insurance Co. in New York City.

Antique leather-bound registers aren’t hard to find, as so many were used. To find them empty and with paper still intact is harder. Yours, Alex, is a larger one but many are light and thin as well. So many of them out there. Interesting to read some of the contents. Also great coffee table books! The value on one the size of yours would be in the $100 range in good condition. Fun piece, Alex, and thanks for sharing it with us.

Treasure Hunt 24/01/11

Hi, Donna,

I have two old school desks I acquired several years ago from a small New Hampshire elementary school that was undergoing renovations. They’re both for young children and two different sizes. Do you know if there is any value, demand or interest in these old desks?

Thank you for your help, Donna, I really appreciate it!

Susan in Nashua

Dear Susan,

Your two school desks are from the 1930s. Imagine how many fun stories they could tell. They were made to last and take lots of use. Today you can find many of them still around in the secondary market.

I think the value of desks like yours would be in having a new purpose for them. They look structurally good but would probably be refinished, painted etc. to fit in a new home.

Because school desks were made in mass amounts their values run around $20 each. Older ones bring more, but mostly if they have a new purpose within a home.

I hope this answers your question, Susan. I think all cleaned up they could be a great desk for a toddler at home.

Thanks for sharing.

Treasure Hunt 24/01/04

Dear Donna,

We have this very heavy block island. I am wondering what its value would be. We’re downsizing and won’t have space. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Dear Amy,

Your butcher block appears to be in great condition for approximately 100 years old.

The value of older butcher blocks is in their condition, style and size. Prices can vary from a couple hundred dollars to in the thousands.

The market for them is a bit tough. Weight is an issue, as is space. I think when you find a market for yours, the price range should be around $350. I hope you find it a new home, Amy. Thanks for sharing with us.

Treasure Hunt 23/12/28

Dear Donna,

Found these 45 records and about 100 more. I think some were my parents’ and mine too. Can you tell me if there is any value to them? They are in pretty good condition for being in a basement. Thanks, Donna, for any help.


Dear Carla,

Yikes, you got your hands full of records.

45’s have been around since the late 1940’s. It’s tough to put a value on a pile of them. Certain ones can be worth so much more. It depends on the artist, condition and sleeves. So you need to consider each one individually.

You want them in a scratch-free condition and with the original sleeve to bring a higher value. If they are scratched, it makes it easier unless they’re rare. Lots of 45’s from the 1950s through the 1960s in original condition are in the range of $10 to a few hundred dollars.

Carla, I’m sorry to be so vague. I think you should bring them to a used record store to have them looked at. This is the best way to get a better value. I hope you have a hidden treasure in your records.

Thanks for another memory of myself listening to my favorite 45’s in the 1970s.

Treasure Hunt 23/12/21

Dear Donna,

Do you have any knowledge of this kind of bracelet? It’s the characters from the movie The Wizard of Oz. I found it a couple years ago at a yard sale.


Dear Annette,

Can I start off by saying how sweet it looks? I personally love The Wizard of Oz!

Your character bracelet was produced by Warner Bros. back in the 1960s. It is a gold wash color over a base metal. The characters have a comic look to them. But you can’t help but love them all.

I have seen several versions of collectible jewelry for The Wizard of Oz, from gold to silver to costume jewelry like yours.

It appears to be in good shape and all there. The value for one like yours would be in the $40 range. Tiny treasure that I’m sure was made in mass at the time, but a piece of the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Treasure Hunt 23/12/14

Dear Donna,

What can you tell me about these tiny drink umbrellas? They have tags on them that say ‘Made in Japan.’



Dear George,

I can start by saying I remember going to Asian restaurants and begging my mom for one in my milk!

These novelty drink umbrellas were very popular mid-century. Yours were made in Japan, but they were invented in Hawaii. They started off to provide shade in a drink so the ice wouldn’t melt too quickly. They were perfect-size accents for Barbies and other similar dolls.

The value on them original with the bands seems to be under $2. A box full like you have is probably in the $30 range. Priceless, though, for the memories!

Thanks for sharing, George, and have fun with them.

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