Treasure Hunt 23/04/13

Hi, Donna.

I have this Huckleberry Finn clock made by Century. The clock tells time, and the fishing pole bobs up and down and the fish area lights up as the fish move around. The case is cast metal and I think my grandfather told me it was from 1940. It’s in perfect condition. What would something like this be worth?

Thank you.


Dear Janice,

How fun is that! Your clock is from the mid-century and produced by the Century Works company of New York. There are a couple different designs and styles. The style you have, Janice, in good working condition brings around $200+. Animated clocks are tough to find in good running condition. So the ones that are hold their value.

Sweet piece, Janice. Thanks for sharing with us.


Treasure Hunt 23/04/06

Dear Donna,

While clearing my parents’ home, we found several packs like these feathers. Is there any market for them?

Thanks for any help, Donna.


Dear Cindy,

I’m sure there is a market, but the value will be in the buyer’s need.

It’s not uncommon to find feathers in older homes. If your dad or mom enjoyed fishing, they could have tied their own flies and used several different kinds of feathers. Or they might have used them for decorating such things as hats.

In today’s market I believe they could be used for some of the same reasons. The value depends on how many feathers, which different ones, and the rarity of them.

Maybe we will have a reader that has use for them, Cindy. I think that would help determine a value for them as well.

Hope you find them a new home.


Treasure Hunt 23/03/30

Hello, Donna.

My name is Gayle and I have inherited this piece. Not sure what it is — it was used as a doorstop. It is very heavy — 15 pounds, 12 inches high, 6 inches wide (at wheels) and 7 1/2 inches long. Not sure if it is brass or if it is plated. I see no markings. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Gayle,

I have to say you got me!

Using it as a doorstop with that weight is a great use for it. I do think it’s all brass; it has a warm smooth rounded finish to it like copper. Brass would make it heavy as well.

Gayle, as far as what it was originally, I think it was just a decorative piece. The value would be in the range of $50 decoratively. Using it as a doorstop is priceless!

Thanks for sharing, Gayle.


Treasure Hunt 23/03/23

Hi, Donna,

I have attached pictures of two tables I acquired from my parents. I believe my mother (born 1931) received them from her parents (born 1904 and 1906). Anything you might be able to tell me about them would be great. The round table has inlaid pearl.

Thank you very much.


Dear Sandi,

Let’s do one table for now. It’s a sweet Victorian-style table. The inlaid pearl and wood design is not so uncommon in that style table.

Your dates could be right or it could be from a little earlier, the mid to late 1800’s Victorian period.

It looks to have been very well taken care of. It also appears to have been refinished. I have no problem with that. When furniture is from the early 1800’s or late 1700’s then always leave it in the original condition.

The value of your table should be in the $300+ range, but it’s tough to call it in the market today. The style is not so popular in today’s design themes.

Nice table, Sandi, and I hope you’re still using it in your own home.

Treasure Hunt 23/03/16

Dear Donna,

I’m looking to find out what your thoughts are on this bracelet. It was my mom’s and she always said it was special. It does not say a name or anything that looks like it’s gold. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.


Dear Bev,

I want to assume with no maker mark or a gold mark it is costume jewelry. That doesn’t make it less valuable to your mom. It might have had sentimental value to her.

Your bracelet looks like a very common design even now. The stones would be colored glass and the finish of the metal, gold-filled or plated. It has a more modern look to it with the double strand.

I would say the value is in the $20 range. I hope this helped and thanks for sharing with us.

Treasure Hunt 23/03/09

Hi, Donna,

I’m trying to find out anything I can about this lamp. It’s been in my parents’ home for years.

It’s still an oil lamp. I have another one that was converted with an electric cord, but this one was never changed. It’s glass, not plastic. Have you ever seen one? Any information you can give me and a price would be great! Thank you.


Dear Terri,

What you have is a Victorian “Gone with the Wind” lamp. It’s just the name for the style of oil lamp.

The value depends on whether it’s in original condition, sometimes the maker, and whether it’s a hand-painted design rather than transfer.

Look on the base or the wick turner for a maker or company name.

Next look at it closely for brush strokes to see if the floral design was hand-painted. You should be able to clearly tell. It looks like a transfer pattern from the photo.

The value of them used to be in the $200+ range. The tough part now is to find the market for them, if you’re looking to sell it. It just doesn’t seem to fit into this generation’s decor.

I hope the information was helpful, Terri. Thanks for sharing with us.


Treasure Hunt 23/03/02

Hi, Donna,

I hope you can help me identify my antique oak chair. I would like to know the era and artist. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.

Donna S.

Dear Donna,

It’s tough to find a single maker of some Victorian era chairs. The style of yours was very popular and not uncommon. Chairs, tables and other pieces were made with the lion’s head, paw foot style.

Some pieces, depending on how elaborate, can bring high values. There are some makers as well that will increase the collectibility today. But for most common styles the value is based on condition.

As far as a value, Donna, most collectors want them in original clean condition and finish. Your chair looks to be in clean shape but not necessarily all original. I think you could put the value in the range of $400.

Thanks for sharing, Donna, and I hope you find a new home for your chair.

Treasure Hunt 23/02/23

Hi Donna,

My question is about this carriage clock. I think it is French and is in top shape. Any ideas? Thank you.


Dear Scott,

Your carriage clock does look to be in good shape.

Although the clocks used for traveling were originally French, they soon were made in many other countries. They can be very valuable in the antiques and horological (clock and watch) market. This would be for specific makers, movements, jewels and elaborate cases and so on.

There were so many made, some common and mass-produced. The value on one such as yours would be in the $100 range. To be sure, you could bring it to a jeweler and they would evaluate the movement for you.


Treasure Hunt 23/02/16

Hello, Donna.

Can you help identify my glasses? They were at our table growing up. I now have inherited them. Any input helpful.


Dear Norm,

Your glasses are called Georgian glasses. I grew up with some similar but in amber. They were popular in the 1970s. A few different companies produced this thumbprint pattern in a few colors. Being very thick, a lot of them made it to now.

You can purchase today a reproduction line of them as well. Older is always better and has a story to tell.

The value on your dark green ones would be in the range of $12 each. As always, though, condition is important. No scratching, chips or cracks.

Thanks for sharing and reminding me of a memory as well.


Treasure Hunt 23/02/09

Hi, Donna.

I recently purchased this cute dresser/desk from a furniture re-seller. The second ‘draw’ down opens to a desk. I’m interested in whether you’ve seen this sort of piece before and if you might be able to tell me anything about it.

Thank you.

Renee in New Boston

Dear Renee,

What a nice clean and useful find. Even though it is a later version (later mid-century to 1960s) it’s a gentleman’s dresser. They have been around for a long time; some are fancier than others. I have had a couple Victorian ones before.

Yours appears to have been taken care of and refinished nicely. How useful to have your dresser and drop-down desk in one piece. Today it could be used in other rooms in a home as well.

Renee, the value would be in the range of $200 in today’s market. I hope you found a treasure and something useful.

Thanks for sharing.


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