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Jeff Mucciarone is a senior account manager with Montagne Communications, where he provides communications support to the New Hampshire wine and spirits industry.

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Keeping the pace

Exeter Brewing Co. develops strong local following For Justin Cooper and Eric Rackliffe of Exeter Brewing Co., slow and steady […]

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The West Coast IPA

It’s not fair to call the IPA style ubiquitous. I mean, it totally is, but at the same time, that […]

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Let’s talk IPAs

So annoyingly popular IPAs are so popular right now I almost try to avoid writing about them, not because I […]

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Three random beers

March is unpredictable; so are these selections Nobody knows what the month of March is going to throw at us. […]

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Flavor impact

What you eat or drink affects your brew In sort of a famous family incident several years ago during a […]

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Binge-watching and beer

Beer can be a critical component to pair with Netflix The problem is that when one episode on Netflix ends, […]

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Super Bowl and beer

Five beers to enjoy during the big game I know you’re sullen because the Patriots aren’t in the Super Bowl. […]

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Beer and DIY

Good beer to help with home improvement projects Over the course of several weeks, my wife painstakingly and tediously removed […]


Beef stew with beer

Let’s get cooking Usually, we make New Year’s resolutions that involve eating less food or at least less of the […]


’Tis the season

Beers for the holidays You need some beer to get you through the rest of 2020. Has a truer statement […]

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