Articles written by: Jeff Mucciarone

Jeff Mucciarone is a senior account manager with Montagne Communications, where he provides communications support to the New Hampshire wine and spirits industry.


Drink ’em now

Four beers to savor this fall A few weeks back I sat dangerously close to a heat lamp in the […]


Dark beer season is here

Stouts, porters and brown ales are on the menu now That first cool night in September triggers something in beer […]


The many faces of chardonnay

Not all of these wines are buttery and oaky “ABC: anything but chardonnay!” We have all heard it — a […]


Fine, you can have pumpkin beer now

Who knew pumpkin beer would be such a win? I saw a reputable brewing company heavily promoting via social media […]


Ice cream and beer

Like a root beer float but with actual beer I know, you can basically taste the pumpkin in the air […]


Beach-time porters

Drink these beers now Look, I know, when you think beach time and summertime, you don’t think about porters and […]


A sour ale, an IPA and a Pilsner walk into a bar

Drink these beers now When it comes to beer, sometimes you just need someone to steer the ship for you, […]

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Sour power

Summer is the perfect time to explore sours I often talk about sour beer as if it’s simply its own […]


Grilling with beer

Beer can be a marinade too I love the complexity, texture and flavor that a rich, dark beer can bring […]

photo of mug of beer.
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IPA is still king

There is no getting around it We can talk about stouts and sours and Belgian-style brews and Pilsners and barrel-aging […]

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