headshot of Graham Nash, elder man wearing sunglasses, sitting in car
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Graham Nash Q&A

Rock legend talks music, photography and politics Though he’s happy a live re-recording of his first two solo albums is […]

black man wearing suit, playing trombone under stage lights
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Balance of power

Marsalis brings Democracy! Suite to NH By Hannah Turtle Legendary jazz musician Wynton Marsalis is slated to play Jimmy’s […]

Comedian Jimmy Tingle posed in front of blue background
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Laughter as medicine

Jimmy Tingle’s Humor for Humanity Though he’s a political comedian, and maybe the only standup who attended Harvard’s Kennedy School […]

young man sitting in front of keyboard, guitars on wall behind
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Hometown reveal

Dakota Smart holds release show for debut LP Like many performers, Dakota Smart used the pandemic’s forced down time to […]

older man in suit holding guitar, dark wall in back
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Goners back

John Hiatt returns with beloved band For his 1987 album Bring The Family, John Hiatt had a band of heavy […]

rock band performing on stage under colored lights
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Big weekend

Northlands Music & Arts Fest is a packed affair An effort that began as crisis management in the pandemic’s early […]

musician Jesse Cook, sitting on stool in shadowed room, holding guitar
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Tempest redux

Guitarist Jesse Cook marks debut album’s 25th It’s easier to follow the puck on a televised hockey match than to […]

4 band members posing in studio
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Old school

After country detour, Lit returns rocking “My Own Worst Enemy” could be the post-grunge era’s “Free Bird.” Released by Lit […]

portrait of man in leather jacket in front of wooden wall
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One-man band

Talking Wallflowers with Jakob Dylan Beginning in 1996 with Bringing Down the Horse, The Wallflowers became a band in name […]

young man smiling with wide eyes, outside at night
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Birthday boys

Drew Dunn and Saku Yanagawa At Rex From his early days doing open mic nights in his hometown of Manchester, […]

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