Family Fun / Outdoors

Kiddie Pool 22/06/02

Family fun for the weekend More SEE The SEE Science Center (200 Bedford St. in Manchester; see-sciencecenter.org) is open seven […]

monarch butterfly resting on flowers in garden
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

For the water-logged garden

Plants that thrive in wet or moist places I like to say that plants can be as fussy as a […]

young girl and woman playing with homemade bubble making device
Featured Content / Outdoors

Meet the makers

Watch a magic show and turn bottle caps into sea turtles at the NH Maker Fest By Kelsi Maddock listings@hippopress.com […]

Family Fun / Outdoors

Kiddie Pool 22/05/26

Family fun for the weekend Under the sea, on stage • The Palace Youth Theatre will presentThe Little Mermaid Jr.on […]

small girl sitting on rock containing historical plaque
Featured Content / Outdoors

A walk into the past

Finding connection in the most unlikely of spaces By Dan Szczesnydanszczesny@gmail.com This column isn’t about hiking, but it is about […]

hand holding honeysuckle leaves
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Getting rid of invasives

How to rebalance your plant life Well-intentioned people of the past century imported many handsome plants. Unfortunately, some of them, […]

Family Fun / Outdoors

Kiddie Pool 22/05/19

Family fun for the weekend The younger moviegoers • Chunky’s Cinema Pub (707 Huse Road, Manchester; 151 Coliseum Ave., Nashua; […]

bean plants climbing up wooden poles
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Planting the vegetable garden

Every gardener has an opinion about when to start planting the vegetable garden. Frost-hardy plants like spinach, onions and peas […]

family in costumes for kids comic book convention

Return of the Kids Con

A convention for the younger fans of heroes and comics comes to Concord By Delaney Beaudoin Emily Drouin’s childhood passion […]

Family Fun / Outdoors

Kiddie Pool 22/05/12

Family fun for the weekend Play dough science • The Ralph Baer Projects Club will hold a Play Dough Circuits […]

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