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Spring allergy season

Which plants are making you sneeze If you suffer from spring allergies, this would be a good time to know […]

blue birdbath in brush
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

A time to reflect

Contemplating potential garden improvements This is a good time to look carefully at your garden, and to decide what you […]

Blue bird house
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Feed the birds

How growing native trees and shrubs can help By now birds are finding their own food and have less need […]

Row cover with hoops helps to keep insects off and keep plants warm
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Spring planting

Frost, soil, drainage and other considerations I know some gardeners who plant their potatoes or tomatoes in the garden on […]

yellow flowers sprouting
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Stems, branches and weeds

How to create early spring arrangements I miss being able to go to my garden and pick flowers for the […]

hand holding tree branch
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Get out the pruners

Your fruit trees are ready for a haircut When I was a boy I loved to climb trees. I had […]

hand planting the seeds into the ground
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Starting from seeds

It’s time to get ready! I love starting seedlings indoors when it’s still cold and raw outside. It makes me […]

old people in front of tree
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Dream Big

Make a wish list of trees you want I was recently thumbing through my first book, Notes from the Garden, […]

Gardening books on flower
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Build a garden library

Basic books to get you started I know that many people, especially gardeners under the age of 40, use the […]

magazine cover women holding orange umbrella

Sweaters for the history books

Manchester museum displays Pandora Sweaters exhibit Between 1940 and 1990, a bold neon sign that read “Home of Pandora Sweaters” […]

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