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hand holding kohlrabi from the garden
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Winter veggies

Plan what you’ll plant I am probably not the only person who is determined to lose a little weight after […]

wreath made of dried plants hanging on side of house, dusted with snow
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Winter wreaths

Make the most of last year’s garden Winter is upon us and it may seem there is little for a […]

illustrated book cover for World of Wonders
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

World of wonders

Fostering a curiosity for nature One recent morning I decided it was time to finish reading a small book of […]

This tree peony had 10-inch-wide blossoms. Photo by Henry Homeyer.
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Mulching and composting

Little snow means more work in the garden Although we had a little snow on the ground for much of […]

5 paperwhite bulbs in a soupbowl with gravel
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Winter plantings

Enjoy paperwhites and amaryllis indoors As winter drags along, I long for warm sun and green plants surrounding me outdoors. […]

dog on leash sitting in snowy yard beside kale plants
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In praise of kale

Why the misunderstood veggie is a hero Like Rodney Dangerfield, kale doesn’t get enough respect. I’ve been told that it […]

Purple flowered plant with dark bushy leaves, in pot on table inside
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Dark days of winter

How to make them a little brighter This is the darkest time of the year: Not only are the days […]

3 photos of books about hiking
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Gift Guide – A gift guide for hikers

Gear, good reads and great ideas for kids By Dan Szczesny While the cold season and its wind chills, frost […]

5 books about nature and gardening laid out on tablecloth
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Hoe hoe hoe

Gifts for the gardener Ready to shop! Every time I turn on the radio or open a newspaper, there are […]

sliced tomatoes roasted on tinfoil
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Get roasting

Intensify the flavors of garden produce One of the reasons I garden is that I love to cook and to […]

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