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carrots, brussel sprouts, leeks, laid out on table
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Include homegrown (or local) vegetables in your holiday feasts

Eating from your garden is possible even in December I personally think that the Canadians have the right idea: They […]

container filled with gravel surrounded by small plants and moss
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Consider bringing some nature inside this winter

How to make a wildlife terrarium from your backyard When I was in the third or fourth grade, way back […]

a ph soil test removed from packaging and all part laid out
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Improve your soil now for spring plantings

After you’ve weeded your garden, raked your leaves and cut back some of your perennials (and left some for the […]

rectangular planter, 5 bulbs sitting in dirt
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

An (eventual) pop of color

Forcing bulbs for early spring blossoms indoors I love tulips. Fortunately, our dog Rowan keeps the deer away, so I […]

hand holding flower bulb
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Planting spring bulbs

Put a few here and there, or make a big splash of color As a boy I was surrounded by […]

A garlic bed ready for planting. Photo by Henry Homeyer.
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Garlic: a virtually work-free crop

Back in the 1980s the Dartmouth Film Department showed a film by Les Blank called Garlic Is as Good as […]

hand holding a harvest sickle to the dirt
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Putting the garden to bed

Don’t let the bed bugs bite Frost has already lightly brushed my garden, and hard frost is not far behind. […]

cover for book Hardy Apples
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Growing good apples without chemicals

It’s not too late to plant your orchard this year I love the saying that something is “As American as […]

bumblebee perching on pink flower on sunny day
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Fall flowers to know and love

Try asters, Joe Pye or turtlehead for autumn color Many gardeners go to the plant nurseries in June, and buy […]

watering wand spraying bed of pink flowers
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Are your plants suffering from a drought?

Water deep if you can, and mulch properly Many of my readers are suffering from a serious drought, enough so […]

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