man standing beneath trellis covered in vines blooming with white flowers
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Time to grow up?

Vines offer special features The story of Jack, of Bean Stalk fame, appealed to me as a boy, and still […]

Family Fun / Outdoors

Kiddie Pool 21/07/15

Family fun for the weekend Summer of movies Head to Greeley Park (100 Concord St. in Nashua) on Friday, July […]

tall purple flowers blooming beside house
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Mid-summer blossoms

It’s a quiet time for flowers Mid-summer is often a quiet time for flowers; many gardens have fewer dramatic blossoms […]

small boxwood bush in front yard garden, needs a pruning
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Pruning possibilities

Control the size of trees and shrubs By now your rhododendrons, lilacs and other spring bloomers have bloomed and are […]

Family Fun / Outdoors

Kiddie Pool 21/07/08

Family fun for the weekend Pick-your-own update Last week’s Kiddie Pool mentioned some places to check out for picking your […]

pagoda dogwood plant close up with berries
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

When good trees die

It happens to even the best gardeners If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that I […]

Hand pick Potato beetles and look for orange egg masses on underneath side of leaves
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Weekend chores

Summertime, but the livin’ isn’t easy As the song goes, it’s “summertime, and the livin’ is easy!” Well, not really. […]

Tree Peonies large pink flower
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

Peonies, please

You can never have enough If you don’t have a peony, I’m surprised. If you don’t have three, you should. […]

pink flowers on a vine
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

More whimsy, less work

Nothing wrong with a lazy gardener I saw a friend recently who was bubbly and excited about her garden. “It’s […]

An edging tool helps create clean lines
Outdoors / The Gardening Guy

The art of weeding

What to do when you have a Code Red When you face a flower bed and can’t immediately tell what’s […]

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