Tulip Tiger x Garret Noel music album cover with star on front
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/16

Tulip Tiger x Garrett Noel, Synth Xmas II (Give/Take Records) Funny, right after I wrapped up this week’s Playlist thingie, […]

Film Reviews / Pop

At the Sofaplex 21/12/09

8-Bit Christmas (PG) Neil Patrick Harris, Steve Zahn. I’ve seen this movie described as an update of A Christmas Story […]

festive book cover for A Literary Holiday Cookbook
Books / Cover Stories / Featured Content / Pop

Gift Guide – A book and a …

Gift ideas for book lovers As holiday gifts go, you can’t do much better than books. They’re easy to wrap, […]

cover art for album, Modern nature
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/09

Modern Nature, Island of Noise (Bella Union Records) Here continues the saga of U.K. songwriter Jack Cooper, with whom you […]

cover of book You Can't Be Serious, image of author sitting while hands fix his shirt, hair, and makeup
Books / Pop

You Can’t Be Serious, by Kal Penn

You Can’t Be Serious, by Kal Penn (Gallery, 367 pages) You may know Kal Penn as a resident on the […]

album cover for Naked Raygun
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/12/02

Naked Raygun, Over The Overlords (Wax Trax Records) This Chicago post-punk band never struck me as “post” anything, just punk, […]

Film Reviews / Pop

At the Sofaplex 21/11/25

Home Sweet Home Alone(PG) Rob Delaney, Ellie Kemper. Another kid is left at home during a family trip and another […]

book cover for Once Upon a Wardrobe
Books / Pop

Once Upon a Wardrobe, by Patti Callahan

Once Upon a Wardrobe, by Patti Callahan (Harper Muse, 320 pages) His good friend J.R.R. Tolkien might be more popular […]

album cover for Papercuts Baxter's Bliss ep showing an illustrated castle on a hill
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/11/25

Papercuts, Baxter’s Bliss EP (Psychic Friends Records) Papercuts is the stage name of Jason Quever, San Francisco-based dream-pop guy who […]

Book cover of Pastoral Song by James Rebanks, featuring a green field with trees and cows
Books / Pop

Pastoral Song, by James Rebanks

Pastoral Song, by James Rebanks (Custom House, 294 pages) Occasionally a book does so well across the Atlantic that publishers […]

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