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And we spend time digging into our stories about food, arts, the outdoors and nightlife as well. In this issue, our food reporter Matt Ingersoll talked to multiple bartenders and cocktail experts about the Moscow mule and its local popularity and variations (Matt uncovered the mule scene!). We’re also introducing a new column called Drinking With John Fladd this week by longtime Hippo veteran John Fladd. Don’t get the wrong idea. We’re about more than drinking. We’re about covering the creativity — in cocktails and food and beyond — that makes southern New Hampshire unique. Local craft, local creativity — that’s the heart of Matt’s story. Who else covers that week after week?

Though we’ve been fortunate over the years to be supported by local advertisers (and, thankfully, continue to be), the pandemic has severely restricted the amount of advertising. This means that without your support we won’t be able to continue to cover southern New Hampshire arts, food, music and events like we have in the past. Hippo needs your support.

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Hippo answers that vexing question of what to do and where to go (yes, even now). We need your help to do that.

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