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At the Sofaplex 21/07/15

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 & Fear Street Part 2: 1978 (R) Kiana Madeira, Benjamin Flores Jr. Also Olivia Scott […]

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Album Reviews 21/07/15

Assorted Orchids, Assorted Orchids (Whale Watch Records) Debut album from Boston-based folkie T. McWilliams, whose target audience is the weird-beard […]

Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/07/08

Velvet Insane, Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit (Sound Pollution Records) Wait, can it be something cool for a change? I […]

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Album Reviews 21/07/01

KPT, Obliterate (Give/Take Records) Any gothies out there remember industrial DJ Terrorfakt? Oh come on, that’s got to jog a […]

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Album Reviews 21/06/24

Lara Hope And The Ark-Tones, Here to Tell the Tale (Sower Records) From the Catskills comes this oddball rockabilly thingamajig, […]

collage of 14 different comedians
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Did you hear the one about…

Jokes from local comedians — and where to see them perform What’s a good joke? There are puns like “when […]

4 album covers
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Album Reviews 21/06/10

Kleiman, Toltech EP (AlpaKa MuziK) It’s been a really long time since I felt like an international techno scene influencer […]

4 Album Covers
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/06/03

Jonny Kosmo, Pastry (Feeding Tube Records) I don’t know if you know a lot of people who’ve studied psychology, but […]

two album covers
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/05/27

La Battue, Get Set, Go! (Parapente Records) Second EP from this off-kilter but quite accessible group, which consists of a […]

four album covers collage
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/05/20

Alchemy Sound Project, Afrika Love (Artists Recording Collective) I assume you know by now that I try to steer readers […]

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