Quality of Life 23/03/02

See the student plane!

The first-ever aircraft produced by the student plane-building partnership between the Aviation Museum of NH, Manchester School of Technology and Tango Flight, finished last summer, is on display at the museum (27 Navigator Road in Londonderry; nhahs.org) now through March 26. According to a press release, Continue reading “Quality of Life 23/03/02”

News & Notes 23/03/02


New Hampshire Federal Credit Union has announced a call for applicants for its Credit Union College Scholarship Program. According to a press release, three scholarships in the amount of $1,500, funded by New Hampshire Federal Credit Union and the Cooperative Credit Union Association’s statewide campaign “Better Values – Better Continue reading “News & Notes 23/03/02”

Not all reasons are equal

By Jeff Rapsis

Every time New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary is in jeopardy, boosters cite many reasons for keeping the tradition intact.

Among them: the New Hampshire primary forces candidates to meet actual people instead of just spending money on advertising; the state is small enough for lesser-known candidates to Continue reading “Not all reasons are equal”

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