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Beyond perennials

Making your garden a very special place By Henry Homeyer My garden is the place I go in times […]

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Beautiful designs

Put some thought into creating a gorgeous garden Let’s say you have recently purchased a house and want to create […]

The Gardening Guy

A mid-summer garden dream

How to make your flowers happy It is mid-summer now, and my garden is full of gorgeous flowers, some finishing […]

The Gardening Guy

Watering in dry times

What your plants, trees and lawn need June, for most of us, was a very dry time. When weeds and […]

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Roses 101

They’re easier to grow than you might think I love roses, but I avoided planting any for a long time. […]

Photo of a hand holding a milk jug up to a branch, the jug has a hole cut in the side.
The Gardening Guy

Pests and diseases

Eradication without chemicals My gardening grandfather came over from Germany around 1910. He was an organic gardener, perhaps because there […]

A photo of Primula japonica, a bright green tall stem with a spray of small pink flowers and yellow centers.
The Gardening Guy

Pardon my garden

How to prepare for a garden party In these times, garden parties are few and far between. But if you […]

Dandelions and Clover growing out of healthy, green grass.
The Gardening Guy

Be kind to clovers

How to have a better lawn Let’s face it: Most of us do not have a lawn that looks like […]

A photo of a hose nosal spraying the dirt off hosta roots.
The Gardening Guy

Plants for free

How to divide your flowers I spend a lot in plant nurseries. At $10 or more a pop, it is […]

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