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Holiday Guide

Holiday GuideIt might not look the same as years past, but this holiday season still has plenty of fun ways […]

Featured Content / Nightlife

Bountiful sound

Americana band Raid the Larder performs Raid the Larder perfectly illustrates the intersectionality of Concord’s music scene. At its core […]

Music This Week

The Music Roundup 20/11/26

Local music news & events • Leading in: Enjoy a variety of musical genres with Tim Hazelton, a singer-songwriter based […]

Film Reviews

At the Sofaplex 20/11/26

* Once Upon a Snowman (TV-G) Voice of Josh Gad, Chris Williams. Sure, this is a short, but I’m still […]

Featured Content / Film Reviews by Amy

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (TV-G)

Rey learns a valuable lesson about friendship on Life Day in The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, a gleefully goofy […]


The Arrest, by Jonathan Lethem (Ecco, 307 pages)

The Arrest, by Jonathan Lethem (Ecco, 307 pages) Despite a vague discomfort with what it says about me, there’s never […]

Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 20/11/26

Patrick Higgins, Tocsin (Telegraph Harp Records) Just before the election, there was a pretty good meme making the rounds, in […]


Wines for giving thanks

Wines to consider for your Thanksgiving menu “This Thanksgiving will be unlike all other Thanksgivings!” We have heard that expression […]

Drink / Featured Content

Cocktails as a holiday family avoidance strategy

Holidays are traditionally the time for extended families to gather together. Amid all the hastening and chastening, they are also […]

Featured Content / Food / Q&A

In the kitchen with Melinda Sergi

Melinda Sergi of Concord is the owner of The Cannoli Stop Cafe & Bakery (239 Loudon Road, Concord, 224-9706, find […]

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