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3 band members play on stage

Do Over

Married Iguana finally debuts in Manchester After a heady process of assembling a band, then working up and recording three […]

Music This Week

The Music Roundup 21/04/29

Local music news & events • Crafted tunes: Enjoy an early evening set from Nate Cozzolino, a Providence-based singer-songwriter with […]

Film Reviews

At the Sofaplex 21/04/29

Stowaway (TV-MA) Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim. The four-person cast is rounded out by Toni Collette and Shamier Anderson in […]

man woman in funky clothes in movie scene
Film Reviews by Amy

The winner is ‘Husavik’

The excellent, Oscar-nominated song from Will Ferrell’s goofy but fun Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga didn’t actually […]

samurai movie scene
Featured Content / Film Reviews by Amy

Mortal Kombat (R)

Mortal Kombat (R) A rag-tag group of would-be champions must come together to protect Earth in Mortal Kombat, a movie […]

book cover

Effortless by Greg Mckeown

Effortless, by Greg McKeown (Currency, 256 pages) In some ways, Boxer the horse is a symbol for the American worker. […]

album covers
Albums / Pop

Album Reviews 21/04/29

Subterranean Masquerade, Mountain Fever (Sensory Records) As you’d guess by a band name like Subterranean Masquerade, we have an oddball […]

2 wine bottles

Bottle of red, bottle of white

Other wines to try at that Italian restaurant “A bottle of red, a bottle of white; It all depends on […]

pink cocktail

Mother’s Day Cocktails

In my experience, it is unwise to make broad generalizations about any group of women, but that said, it’s probably […]

two people next to each other
Food / Q&A

Jamie Mandra

Jamie Mandra and her husband Randy are the owners of JRM Catering (509-9080,, and on Facebook @jrmcateringllc), also known […]

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